Adult Program


How long will it take to complete my graduation program?

The length of time you need to graduate will depend on.  

  • How many courses you have to complete

  • Your level of English

  • The pace you have set for yourself

 Your graduation plan will include an anticipated completion date mutually agreed upon and signed by you.


What will the school year look like?

As an adult grad learner you will have the option of:

a.    attending structured classes

b.    having a self-paced/individualized program

c.    taking mixed mode courses (paper & web-based)

d.    or taking a combination of any of the above.


What is the difference between regular and adult grad? Is adult grad as highly recognized as regular grad? Is adult grad accepted at universities?

The regular (2004) and the adult graduation diplomas are both ‘dogwood’ diplomas. They are accepted equally by employers, colleges, universities, and other post secondary institutions. It is your responsibility to ensure that your course choices and marks meet the requirements of your chosen institution.


Which courses are offered?

Please see list of courses and descriptions on the Adult Education Centres website


Do I have to write the provincial exam?

If you are on a regular high school graduation program (2004) you must write the provincial exam for certain courses. For more information go to www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams.  If you are on the adult program, you may choose whether or not to write the provincial exam. However, keep in mind that even though you are on the adult graduation program, your chosen post secondary institution might still require the exam and you should check with them beforehand.


What is the difference between Communications and English courses?

In order to graduate, you must pass either Communications 12 or English 12.  English 12 is required for entry to many college, technical, and university programs.  It is considered to be the more ‘academic’ course.  Communications 12 is offered as a practical alternative to English 12 for students who have some difficulty with English courses.  It is your responsibility to check with your chosen post secondary institution regarding requirements.


Which courses are offered? How do I choose courses?

You will choose courses with our academic advisor that will suit your education goals.


Do you offer TOEFL or University Language Entrance requirement courses?