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Homestay Program

We have a roster of over 70 homestay families who want to welcome you into their households. This program is for international student at Regent Christian Academy and would like to experience life in Canada while living with a Canadian family.

Homestay Features

- Accommodation from the start of your program till the end. (Usually between September to June)
- Host families provide a private, furnished bedroom (bed, bedding, dresser, desk, chair, table lamp, etc.) with either a private or shared bathroom.
- Nutritious meals all included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, provided by the host family.
- Convenient location: we select homes that are near to our school.
- Explore Canadian culture, live in a Canadian home and take part in local activities.
- Practice English daily.
- Our homestay provide meaningful family time including meals, conversations, games, family activities.
- Safe: All Homestay families undergo a thorough application process that includes home visits, interview and criminal records check. Our hosts are interested in sharing their lifestyle in a positive and mutually rewarding way.
- Student matching: The families are carefully selected to match the student’s needs, hobbies and interest.
- Maximum of two students placed per homestay.
- Full-time homestay staff available on campus to provide ongoing support and assistance.

Homestay monthly rate: $1200/month *includes accommodation & meals, WiFi access
Homestay placement fee: $350
Student’s Contingency Deposit: $3,500.00

*The contingency fee deposit is required at the time of registration for students without a local agent or parent, which is used to cover costs of airport transfer, medical expenses, school uniform items, co-curricular activities, optional trips, and any unforeseen expenses. Additional funds may be required throughout the year, depending on your child’s level of participation in co-curricular activities. Any amount of the deposit not used will be refunded at the end of the school year or retained for the following school year.

**All fees are payable to the school upfront for the length of the student’s program.


 ELL Programs |  Adult Graduation | Homestay Program