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Extended Studies

Extended Studies Program

At Regent Christian Academy our International Programs are here to support a positive learning experience for our English language learning students. This means we are here to help them grow, not just cope and struggle with learning. Our Extended Studies Program (ESP) is an important part of that growing experience.

We believe that giving an international student the opportunity to gain lifelong skills is the best way to help them be successful in their academic studies, now and in the future. While it would be acceptable to some to put them directly into an integrated school setting, we find many of our international students are struggling to the point of frustration – a state that is counterproductive to our mandate to educate and equip them for success.

Defining ESP

ESP is a two-hour study period added to the student’s school day four days each week. During this study time we provide a specialized online program as well as tutoring support. An initial assessment is given at the beginning of the school year and we continue to track their progress through the school year, using the online program, TOEFL and other testing. Through this process we can better assist your student in specific areas of need. This approach provides better success and comprehension during regular class time as well.

Tutoring Support

Our ESP students receive teacher support in completing each day’s homework as well as conversational support. We believe it is important that our international students speak English in all of their classes so that they reinforce what they are learning. We actively support reading, writing, comprehending and speaking, all of which are important parts of overall English Language Learning. Group conversations in English are another way we measure the success of our programs and these assist in building confidence in our students’ abilities to communicate both in and outside of the classroom.