What program is best for you? 



Are you in Kindergarten to Grade 8?

Integrated spaces for kindergartens (age 5) to grade 8 (age 13) are available in our kind and caring classrooms. It is our experience that at these grade levels students learn English quickly by being immersed into an English classroom environment. Our classes are small which allows for more personal attention and an enriching academic environment. Our BC certified Teachers have experience with welcoming new International students into their classrooms. Many of our International students who have started in our younger grades have stayed with us until graduation. We are a school that believes in respect, kindness and acceptance along with our high academic standards. We would love to welcome you to join us.


British Columbia HIGH SCHOOL Graduation

Are you working towards a BC high school graduation?
We would love to help you earn your BC graduation certificate. High school age students must earn 80 credits in classes from grade 10 to 12. Here's how to get there:   

  • International students who are ready to be admitted into Grade 9 - 12 classes are fully immersed into the regular school system. We are an academically focused school where most students graduate in grade 12 with more than 80 credits towards their graduation. This makes our students attractive to Universities. Many colleges and Universities visit our school every year. On average, 80% of our grads apply and are accepted into Universities, Colleges and Vocational institutions. We offer study blocks, one to one support, and an excellent after school English enrichment program.

  • If your English is almost classroom ready and you are between 15 and 17 years old, we have a unique option for your grade 10 year. Our Pathway 10C class offers all grade 10 required coursed in an adapted classroom. An adapted classroom was developed and designed to help our International students succeed using adapted curriculum and specialized teachers in a vocabulary rich environment that will help you improve your English at the same time as you work through all your grade 10 classes. This is the perfect path towards a fully integrated and successful grade 11 the following year.



Adult British Columbia Graduation Diploma Program (ABCGD)

Are you 18 years or older looking for a BC graduation certificate?

  • If you will be 18 years of age or older by the beginning of our school year (September), we can register you in our Adult BC Graduation Diploma Program (ABCGD). A personalized schedule of classes will be arranged in order to satisfy the BC Adult grad requirements which consists of a minimum of 5 courses and 20 credits in mostly grade 12 subjects. This will be a unique environment especially designed for success. We are offering a technology rich environment, University and industry co-op opportunities, small class size, certified teacher instruction, wide course selection (some online), mentorship and free academic advising.

    Learn More about the BC Adult Graduation Program.



English Language Learning

Are you interested in learning English and experiencing Canadian culture?

Many of our International students struggle with learning English. Whether the goal is to return home with improved English and successfully getting accepted at any one of our BC high schools, or earning a BC Graduation certificate, we can help. At Regent we care about you and your academic success, your eligibility to enter University and your social and emotional well-being. We believe that English literacy is the most important skill towards greater academic success and we have designed a rigorous and innovative program of English learning. Located in our new, innovative and state-of-the art campus, with expert teachers and great opportunities to learn and develop your character, we offer an intensive English Language Learning program (ELL), perfectly suited for the beginning of your Canadian experience. The best students may qualify to continue in our RCA main campus. We will also help you transfer to any number of amazing high schools where you can get your BC graduation diploma. We offer two ELL terms during the school year and a summer term (starting summer 2018).  Regent Christian Academy has been offering a specialized English Language Learning Program since 1989 for students in high school. This is a full-time program that operates parallel with the main Canadian school as to dates, times, holidays, and semesters.



One Year experience

Are you looking for a one year experience program?

  • Some countries allow their students in high school to come to Canada to have a one year cultural, English experience. We would be happy to talk to you about availability in our integrated classrooms or in our ELL classes at our new innovative campus. Several past students have enjoyed this experience so much that they have either extended their time with us or become a full time student until graduation. Please contact us for details.